Trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston

NIH had no involvement in the study design, the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; and in the decision to submit the article for publication. Drug Alcohol Abuse. Close-ended questions render ad hoc analyses much easier, but including a few open-ended questions can personalize the interview and add another layer of reflection to the screening process that later can be quantified for analyses.

J Trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston Health. Couples should also be observed prospectively to assess correlations between initial CVS scores, relationship stability, and dissolution. If a woman responded affirmatively to this question, she was then asked whether she had experienced any of this abuse in the past three months.

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trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston

On the December call, she said family members there had spent her Social Security funds and she was homeless. She wasn't sure. Story highlights Authorities describe how they shut down a Texas sex slave and human trafficking operation Notorious alleged pimp Alfonso "Poncho" Diaz-Juarez remains on the run.

Sierra told police she'd been kidnapped from a convenience store in Ohio by a Houston man who drove her to Texas and compelled her to work on Bissonnet during the Super Bowl. In48 percent of those who completed inpatient treatment were not rearrested for prostitution.

They first arrested Gerardo Salazar's two nephews and another accomplice.

Trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston

Recommended For Your Pleasure. When she told police that her pimp, a man named Alfonso Diaz-Juarez who also went by "Poncho," was holding her daughter, authorities sprang into action. Sierra recuperated at Griffin's home two years ago but ultimately returned to Ohio. At night, the scene is even more congested, with buyers lining up as if it's a drive-through restaurant.

Real bad. She exited the Beltway near a local chain motel with "no prostitution" signs posted in the parking lot. At the time, David Salazar held the liquor license for the Maria Bonita, owned the property and controlled its business name, public records show.

Messing up trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston make you disposable.

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  • CNN Esperanza was waiting for her cousins outside her high school in Mexico one day, when a strange man drove up in a car, forced her inside with him and sped away.
  • A dozen miles from downtown Houston, cars inch down an industrial side street and drivers idle by a cluster of young women bathed in streetlight, brokering primal transactions.
  • For years, Gerardo Salazar played the Romeo in dusty Mexican villages, trolling town squares and schoolyards for women and girls he could seduce with declarations of love and, ultimately, sell in seedy Houston cantinas. Salazar, who called himself El Gallo — the Rooster — could have been arrested three years ago after a federal indictment named him leader of an international human trafficking ring.
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This paper outlines a bi-national, multidisciplinary effort to develop and implement a study protocol for research on the context and epidemiology of HIV, sexually transmitted infections STIs , and high risk behaviors among FSWs and their primary, non-commercial male partners in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

These clinical trials had common inclusion criteria: age 18 years or older, beginning intensive outpatient treatment at a substance abuse treatment clinic, ability to understand study procedures, and a DSM-IV substance use diagnosis. We used targeted and snowball sampling to recruit couples through the female partner first and administered a primary screener to check her initial eligibility.

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Trading sex for crack gender and power in Houston

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  • Sep 07,  · But the cantina sex trade Salazar helped build in Houston continues to flourish. Despite enforcement efforts, human traffickers and prostitution . “The Game Turns on You” Crack, Sex, Gender, and Power in Small-Town Ohio Paul J. Draus University of Michigan–Dearborn Robert G. Carlson Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Exchanges of sex for crack cocaine have received much attention from public health researchers and ethnographers of substance abuse. These exchanges are often viewed as one-dimensional relationships in which men.
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  • Abstract. Little research has examined predictors of condom intention within concurrent partnerships. This study examined predictors of intention among ​. BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:Persons who participate in behaviors such as drug use and buying or selling sex are at elevated risk for sexually transmitted​.
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