The case for polygraph testing of sex offenders in Nebraska

Probation Officer. Government agencies rely on polygraphs, and courts are starting to reconsider them, too. Get Direction. And then there are monitoring exams.

Other times the results can be catastrophic. But in general, I would say for the individuals who are either less invested in treatment to begin with, they're only doing it because there's some sort of external force requiring them to.

But we have requested them. KELLY: Why with the state cases, if it's not required, why isn't it a routine part of your treatment tool package?

The case for polygraph testing of sex offenders in Nebraska какие

Maintenance examinations are administered periodically, usually every six months. Polygraphs are often wrongly referred to as "lie detectors". Maintenance polygraph examinations cover a wide variety of sexual behaviors and compliance issues that may be related to victim selection, deviancy activities, or high-risk behaviors.

For a guilty party, the relevant questions are expected to be more stressful to answer. Not all persons charged with or convicted of sex offenses are alike. However, the review also highlighted the potential for high false positive rates some studies the case for polygraph testing of sex offenders in Nebraska almost half of innocent people were identified as liarsand it pointed out that people can train themselves to beat a polygraph.

Probation 33, 37 June To make matters worse, techniques exist to beat the test.

As they're going along, you know, they're only in our office once or twice a week, and they're out in the world where the risk is the rest of the time. And it's not with everybody who we treat. Sometimes I'm working with somebody who appears to be the epitome of candor and highly invested in treatment and I don't have any concerns that they're withholding information, not significant concerns at any rate, and they take a polygraph and they fail it.

They want the truth to come out as soon as possible.

The case for polygraph testing of sex offenders in Nebraska

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