Single sex classrooms or co-education in Vallejo

In my opinion, the current education the vast majority is mixed. I believe that mixed education gives to the students more than we can see at first, I mean, the interaction between girls and boys is very important for an equality of opportunities in our society and if we educate them together we can help in the struggle against women discrimination, in mixed classes we can encourage them to work together.

But it is also true, that when children are between 12 to 16 years, they distracted more if they are on mixed classroom. In addition, children that going to single-sex schools are and will be more competitive, and they have more problems with envy and fellowship.

What do I prefer? I think, children need be related with others, independently the sex they have. In these kind of schools, maturing children times are respected.

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Finally, I think that the children in the school should be together because the teacher must promote equality. While data show that non-government schools tend to have higher academic success than government schools, a determining factor for this relates to the socio-economic SES status of students.

The single-sex versus coeducation debate in Australia has a long history.

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On the other hand, most children go to mixed schools because they need to interact with other children whether boys or girls. Why not at school? Moreover, in daily life, men and woman live together, and if we teach them to communicate and interact together since they are child, they will not have any problems when we are adults.

Single sex classrooms or co-education in Vallejo

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