Seattle sex therapy couple in Cary

She also provides Christian or faith-based counseling upon request. I respect the courage it takes to explore and face your difficulties around connection, intimacy, and sexuality. If you are feeling sexual frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, or are feeling inadequate in sexual areas of your relationship, or with broader relational concerns, I would be honored to help free you up!

Throughout life, we are challenged in a way that cannot be handled by the skills, strategies, or beliefs we once possessed. Her areas of interest are working with clients who are struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, separation and divorce, self-esteem issues, post-traumatic stress and historic trauma.

With a life coach in your corner to keep you going, you seattle sex therapy couple in Cary might be surprised to find how much you are capable of accomplishing.

seattle sex therapy couple in Cary

No matter why you are seeking therapy seattle sex therapy couple in Cary this time, I fundamentally believe that the concerns and struggles you are facing makes sense in the context of your lived experiences. Sexuality can be entered into as a portal into depth and being known.

So many people think they are broken when in fact what their bodies are expressing is wisdom. If I see something problematic in the way you are relating, I am going to confront it right there. It is false advertising.

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Some organizations certify sexologists. It's absolutely courageous seattle sex therapy couple in Cary stunning! Let's listen to what they're saying, understand them, and honor what they have done for you. Those with more experience doing sex therapy are of course a better bet than those with little to no experience.

Seattle sex therapy couple in Cary work with clients to push them towards self-development, towards greater resilience, and towards defining and living out of their personal responsibilities and personal values.

Together we address areas where they feel dissonance, anxiety, and fear around their intimate lives in order to free them up to become more comfortable with their desire for pleasure, emotional contact, and becoming known as a unique person.

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  • Has your sexual activity as a couple decreased over time?
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Heidi strives to thoughtfully shape the therapeutic experience to each client's specific needs and implements an eclectic approach to therapy. You make complete sense. Philadelphia Walnut St. Review This Provider. Sensuality doesn't require touch - you can touch each other with your eyes and with your heart if you are open.

He treats depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bi-polar disorder, adolescent struggles, parenting dynamics, familial conflict, marital stress, divorce concerns, ADHD in school-aged children, grief management, anger management, personality disorders, men's issues, women's issues, life transitional dynamics, work stress, addictions and trauma processing.

Seattle sex therapy couple in Cary

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