Same sex marriage pros and cons chart compares in Bathurst

Integrating a society and expanding human rights has always shattered tradition, and we have consistently been better off for it. Proposals to legalize multiple-partner marriages, should they ever seriously arise in the legislatures and the courts, would be considered separately from laws regarding single-partner marriages, just as the law now considers alcohol separately from crack cocaine, and hasn't slid helplessly down the slope to legalize them both.

That, I believe, gives the argument of same sex marriage proponents its moral force…. Arrogantly disregarding such time-tested wisdom, and using children as guinea pigs in a radical experiment, is risky at best, and cataclysmic at worst.

Kennedy, held that:. The legal institution of marriage has historically been the societal mechanism channeling men and women into permanent, exclusive sexual relationships to insure that the partners who participate in the creation of the child provide both material and personal support to the child.

I think the institution would be strengthened by the inclusion of more couples who are genuinely committed to each other. People who view this page may also like: 1. To them, we should keep our relationship to ourselves and in our bedrooms.

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Marriage is something to be celebrated. Thomas, wrote in his May 19, article for CNN. Marriage Advice.

Con 10 Marriage is an outmoded, oppressive institution that should be weakened, not expanded. Marriage Advice. First, no, when it comes to denying a basic right to a class of people, the burden of proof falls on those who rely on intuition and common sense — which, I'm just sayin', happen to be the support pillars of all forms of bigotry — rather than evidence.

Con 12 Marriage is a privilege, not a right. There are religious leaders and churches that do support same-sex marriage.

Same sex marriage pros and cons chart compares in Bathurst

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