Same sex marriage maplestory private in Inglewood

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Joined: Jul 19, Messages: 19 Likes Received: 0. ArcherDjSep 19, It's not even about "laws" or "rights" or politics. We have our law which everyone has to respect. Is it just me that thinks that same sex marriage should be allowed in Maple Story, not only is our government religiously based but so are our video games?

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User Info: funkymonkey I approve on this! Stupidity is contagious. In Maple Story's case, I think the main reason they don't have it is because Maple Story is supposed to be a 'kid's game. We're in a tight spot!

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Same sex marriage maplestory private in Inglewood

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  • Really, no same sex marriage in ? tbh this is a terrible oversight of cultural inconsistencies that makes Nexon looks pretty bad, at the very least old fashion (atleast to the GMS demographic). Nexon should atleast realize its a marketable decision for gms, that is in the general public interest in america. In Maple Story's case, I think the main reason they don't have it is because Maple Story is supposed to be a 'kid's game.' Not many parents want to introduce their children to the issue of same-sex marriage when they're 10 or
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  • Maplestory and same sex marriage General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general shugo. It's because Nexon will lose customers who don't support same sex marriage Aug 20 TwistedVenom. If there was homosexuality, then it raises the risk of influencing younger kids to be homosexual. If this was the case, Nexon could easily be. Jun 26,  · Gay marriage has been legalized in the United States. However, since Nexon is based in South Korea, I doubt maplestory will implement same sex marriage into their game anytime soon, or at least until the Korean government decides to follow the footsteps of their fellow allies, the US.
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  • MapleLegends - The Old School MapleStory Server - MAC Compatible - Client - Summer Events Do you miss the old MapleStory where everything was challenging, but do not miss the lack of content old MapleStory had? MapleLegends brings you the old MapleStory gameplay and skills, but adds content from new and non-GMS regions. Visit and Play Are you looking for an easy grind with a trustworthy community? If so, MapleUnite is a unique v83 server with many amazing features! [Achievement System] [Same-Sex Marriage] [LHC] [Henesys Ruins] [Knight Stronghold] [Chaos Zakum/Horntail] [Active Development] [Nostalgic] [GLOBAL RELEASE AUG 1ST].
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  • Minnesota couple Michael and Jack McConnell are now thought to be the longest-married, same-sex couple in the U.S. Version To patch, simply run the Launcher within your Maplestory/DreamMS folder. If you are experiencing slow download speeds with the Launcher, there.
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  • Now, Nexon has launched MapleStory 2 in a closed beta in the up from the original Maple, which didn't allow same-sex marriage, paralleling. Volunteer Forum Moderator, Private Tester AKradian The company already publishes a game with same-gender marriage. wouldnt be a large margin of profit made from gay people and same sex marriage in maplestory.
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