Risk assessment for juvenile sex offenders in Albury-Wodonga

Basics of qualitative research: techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory. Women's Studies International Forum, 7 5— Shariff, S. Naezer, M.

Recent research has shown that the predictive accuracy of re-offense can be increased slightly when dynamic changeable factors are combined with static unchangeable factors. Karl, et al. Currently, there a number of ways of offering meaningful risk assessments of future sex offense recidivism.

Code, sec. It was developed to provide empirically-based estimates of risk for future juvenile sexual offending by male juveniles in the juvenile justice system for prior sexual offenses. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies.

The likelihood of a particular sex offender re-offending cannot be accurately predicted; rather, the field is limited to predicting the likelihood that a sex offender with particular characteristics may re-offend. For instance: The vast majority of actual sex offenses committed against youth and adults go unreported and undetected; consequently, risk assessment for juvenile sex offenders in Albury-Wodonga methods of assessing the risk of future sex offenses rely on re-arrests and reconvictions and produce substantial underestimates of relative risk.

Both studies showed good predictive accuracy of the StaticR in predicting risk of sexual recidivism among a diverse California sex offender population.

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Sexting and young people: a qualitative study. Canadian Journal of Women and the Law, 23 2— While he was critical of his younger self for engaging in non-consensual sexting, he stated that at the time he did not see it as a problem and he, along with the other young men in his group, laughed about how young men will expose themselves explicitly to young women.

  • Risk assessment instruments are based on many research studies which followed released sex offenders and identified factors associated with those who re-offended. The factors are statistically weighted.
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Similarly, Skye-rose 16, F wanted more support. Instead, the emphasis is on a collaborative approach between adults and young people, in which they come together to re-think social issues and develop solutions. Sexting involves the digital production and exchange of personal sexual messages and images Hasinoff Some felt that the gossip and rumours that rapidly spread about the subject in the event of unauthorised distribution means the distributor almost disappears from view:.

Two young women discussed how unauthorised distribution would have different impacts on each of them.

Risk assessment for juvenile sex offenders in Albury-Wodonga

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