Phenice sex estimation in Essex

Trauma Analysis in Forensic Anthropology. Any dentine adhering to the enamel section was then removed using a dental burr and the remaining enamel sample cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. Aliquots of 1—2 mg of collagen were weighed into tin capsules and sent for analysis. The local range for Sr isotopes was assessed from the geology.

As noted above, methoxymycolates are not produced by standard M. Willis, Anna.

phenice sex estimation in Essex

The reactive bone on the vertebrae and the absence of any collapse of the bodies in SK15 would be more typical of brucellosis, although its appearance in the vertebrae is usually multi-focal, whereas those in this individual are restricted to the eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebrae [49][50].

Reasons for, and consequences of, the experience of stress in human communities spanning the origin of farming Neolithic through to the Medieval period will be modelled in a study that utilizes the rich, but understudied human remains collections archived in UK museums.

Bone fragments were ground to a fine powder using sterilised pestles and mortars. Treffiletti, Tamara.

Phenice sex estimation in Essex

McBrideM. Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. The traits of the pubis described by Phenice Am J Phys Anthropol 30 have been used extensively by physical anthropologist for sex estimation. Cardoso Biology Sexual differentiation in the innominate bone studied by multivariate analysis.

Gel electrophoresis and automated DNA sequencing at centre one. CBA Research Report Gilbert, Felicity. A secondary research focus is elucidating the processes, patterning and rate of soft and hard tissue decomposition in a range of media surface, sub-surface, and aquatic in order to develop more precise models for estimating human time since death in Australian conditions.

Phenice sex estimation in Essex

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