Lots of discharge after sex no smell in Newcastle apon- Tyne

Poisson regression models were used to estimate incidence ratios and to test for differences between arms, using number of visits between enrolment and assessment as an exposure time offset. Prevalence of vaginal discharge was 1.

Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Brian Faragher.

The machine switches off automatically when the treatment has finished. Brachytherapy can be used as the main treatment or as part of a combination of treatments that may include surgery and external beam radiotherapy. Conclusions Periconceptional weekly iron supplementation of young women did not increase the risk of lower genital tract infections but did increase general morbidity in the non-pregnant cohort.

If you are symptomatic or have been told you are a contact of infection you should telephone for advice.

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Sensitivity analysis of alternative ferritin thresholds for defining iron deficiency, adjusting for inflammation, gave very similar results. Effect of iron fortification on malaria incidence in infants and young children in Ghana: a randomized trial. At the crossroads of vaginal health and disease, the genome sequence of Lactobacillus iners AB

Lower genital tract infection in the pregnant cohort ANC1 Prevalence of iron deficiency adjFE did not differ significantly between trial arms 6. Weekly supplementation continued until a scheduled first antenatal visit ANC1 , which was the trial primary end-point.

All swabs were cultured using the same media and analysed in a way that was unlikely to have been biased.

Lots of discharge after sex no smell in Newcastle apon- Tyne

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