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Upon exiting the water, Chane fled back into the river when officers identified themselves. Training for the program is provided by the FBI Academy instructional staff, Special Agents, and other staff members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise.

It has disrupted schools, our community and demanded countless hours of law enforcement resources since last night.

William Tinsley was arrested for Theft and 2 counts of Failure to Appearas a result of pre-existing arrest warrants. Beth Smith Henderson. As law enforcement officers, we cannot arrest our way out of this problem, but must also continue to reduce the demand for drugs.

There were 16 individuals that could not be verified or located during the sweep. The matter will be set for an adjudication and dispositional hearing once the court receives the recommendations of the psychological evaluation.

Evidence consistent with the pistol being fired in the vehicle was recovered including shell casings. The vehicle was pursued into Lauderdale County, where Lauderdale County authorities joined the pursuit.

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John Smith21, W. If anyone has information on this incident, please call the Criminal Investigations Division atCentral Dispatch after hours atphone in tips atemail tips to Sheriff tiptonco. July 31, - Whiteville Correctional Facility Lieutenant Martone was arrested by the Whiteville Police Department for introduction of contraband into a penal facility tobacco and suboxone.

Detectives observed the pair walking in the area and as they were approached by deputies they began to resist being detained. Items were also recovered that were taken from residential and shed burglaries in the area.

Here are several tips to help you avoid being a victim of these scams:. Phone scams first tried to sting older people, new immigrants to the U.

If anyone has information on this incident, please call the Criminal Investigations Division at , Central Dispatch after hours at , phone in tips at , email tips to Sheriff tiptonco. November 16, - Turney Center Industrial Complex visitor Jamie Ray was arrested for introduction of contraband into a penal facility, delivery of schedule III and reckless child endangerment suboxine.

The driver parked the stolen truck, went into the store at the gas pumps, and, when he was confronted, fled on foot toward Kimbrough Drive. In some cases, the caller is instructing the victim to go to a grocery store and purchase a green dot money card and provide him with the security code on the back of the card when he calls back.

Once the warrant was executed, investigators found an elaborate grow room complete with a ventilation system, irrigation system, and alternate lighting sources.

Justin chaney sex offender in Memphis

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