Iowa sex offender list in Cambridge

This information is being provided to the public pursuant to the Code of Iowa sex offender list in Cambridge, to protect members of the public from potential harm. Notice: Convictions with multiple victims are listed once with each victim's information.

Important Information. If you have any questions regarding this matter, contact your local police department or county sheriff's office. View On Map. In sentencing Longnecker to probation, District Court Judge James McGlynn wrote in his order that Longnecker had no prior criminal record; that granting probation would allow Longnecker to continue to work and earn money to pay restitution; and that the monitoring of Longnecker on probation and his undergoing sexual offender treatment would help protect the community and aid in his long-term rehabilitation.

Important Notice: This site uses Javascript and it seems you either have it disabled or are using a browser that does not support it. Important Information. Print A Copy. Longnecker was arrested in December and charged with two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Iowa sex offender list in Cambridge симпатяга

Specific websites may have their own policies regarding use by convicted sex offenders. Iowa sex offender list in Cambridge do I determine if a registrant should be subject to the 2, foot residency restriction?

The SOR maintains a central file and database. Persons convicted in another state but who wish to live, work, or go to school in Iowa must also register in the state. Annually—the department sends a verification form by mail that must be completed and mailed back within 10 days; sexually violent predators will have their iowa sex offender list in Cambridge verified every three months.

Yes Verification of Address Annually—the department sends a verification form by mail that must be completed and mailed back within 10 days; sexually violent predators will have their addresses verified every three months Penalties for Non-Compliance First offense is an aggravated misdemeanor; second and subsequent offenses are class D felonies; however, a person who fails to register and commits another offense is guilty of a class C felony.

What do the Tier levels mean? The offender may not operate, manage, be employed by, or act as a contractor or volunteer at a business that operates a motor vehicle primarily marketing, from or near the motor vehicle, the sale and dispensing of ice cream or other food products to minors.

  • May a sex offender use a social networking website, email, internet chat room, or instant messaging?
  • Iowa Sex Offender law states that all sex offenders in the state must register with the local authorities for identification.
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Under Iowa law, girls under the age of 14 are unable to legally consent to sexual activity. Email To Someone. Add To Watches. Longnecker also was arrested on a charge stemming from an incident at the Story County Fair in Nevada in which he engaged in sexual acts with a year-old girl in July Garrett Longnecker, 19, pleaded guilty earlier this year to amended charges of lascivious acts with a child.

According to the sentencing order, Longnecker also received a special sentence of 10 years in prison for sex offenders, but the sentence was ordered served under supervision as if he were on parole or work release.

Iowa sex offender list in Cambridge

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