Facebook sex offender law in North Carolina

They maintained that the section of the law "is not narrowly tailored; it does not leave open ample alternative channels for the First Amendment activities it burdens; and it does not directly or effectively future the government's interests. Chapel Hill St. The case was presented in February of and the decision was made later in June.

Indeed, even after his Facebook page was discovered and police searched his house, they did not find any evidence that he was abusing children or committing sex crimes. Justice Gorsuch took no part in the consideration or decision of the case.

Sort of. Packingham asked the trial court to dismiss the charges, arguing that the law infringes on the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, but the trial court declined to do so.

facebook sex offender law in North Carolina

He was placed on probation for committing this felony and received a suspended sentence. For example, the same year the North Carolina Legislature unanimously passed the social media ban, it passed a law requiring that certain registered sex offenders have lifetime GPS monitoring and made it forbidden for offenders to go to places "where minors gather.

If you have been charged with violating something related to the sex offender registry, contact our experienced attorneys today and let us help you work through this matter. The reversal of this North Carolina law is just one example of states struggling to create legislation to effectively protect internet users.

Contact Us Today For a Consultation! Packingham was convicted of violating the law after local police saw the Facebook post he wrote upon avoiding a traffic citation.

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The North Carolina law was upheld by that state's Supreme Court. Create Account. Probation and post-release supervision. And yet, in North Carolina and many other states, laws limit basic First Amendment rights. Directory of sites.

Facebook sex offender law in North Carolina

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